I know I suck in editing but I wanted to do my first follow forever c:

Since things happened with Bruno’s family and Bernie which she will be missed I felt an ache in my heart and now I appreciate things more than ever :) so in this list there are people who has the best blogs that I ever saw in my life + some people who I know in real life especially one of my friends Ella who helped me when I wanted to create tumblr and when I asked her about edits and photoshop she helped me so yes <3 

I love you guys all and please if you don’t follow them just go and do so because they’re amazing :) Thanks for changing my life to better and keep amazing xxxxxxxx <3 p.s thank you for everything Ella you did too much for me :)

no particular order(I love you all equally)

ellassi - rainbowcoloursplash - privateagentmars - flawlessbruno - justerbiebn - legendarymars - brunosjungle - kardashiaen - kingsheerun - loudgiirl - luuhooligan - nocolory - rhaspodyincolour - precciateyou - brunomarsz - hum0 - captianmarz - bieberonmars - pleasureislands - bmars-newsthanks for always updating about what’s happening<3

Sorry if I missed someone. Love you all and thanks! <3

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    i love you so much, thank u!!!
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